Dawg Pack Dirt: Arizona State University

ASU guard Jerren Shipp...and friend
ASU guard Jerren Shipp...and friend

Volume 5, Issue 17, Arizona State University, February 26th, 2009

Hands down. Game of the year. We need to bring it to ASU more than we’ve ever done so before. The winner of this game will be in the driver’s seat to win the Pac-10 regular conference title, something the Dawgs have never done. Despite us being ahead of them in standings for awhile now, ASU continues to be ranked ahead of us and they are going to be gunning for us since we beat them on their court and this game means a ton to them too. Be loud, act crazy, and leave Hec Ed on Thursday night with absolutely zero remnants of an audible voice.

The Game:

-Arizona State Sun Devils at Washington Huskies

-Thursday, February 26th, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. PST

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

The Team:

-ASU is 10-4 which puts them a half game back of the Dawgs in the Pac-10.

-The Sun Devils lost to the Dawgs in Tempe by 13 but haven’t lost since.

The Players:

-So. G #13 James Harden is easily ASU’s best player and the key has always been to shut him down. If we can get in his head for anything during warm-ups, we have to because he can take over a game. He calls himself “J Nasty” and sports a Jeremiah Johnson-esque mountain man beard that we should definitely comment on.

-Jr. C #2 Eric Boateng is apparently a very messy person. Prompting teammate, Ty Abbott, to say on his official ASU profile page that he needs to clean his locker. He is a transfer from Duke where he probably couldn’t cut it enough for Coach K. The 43% free throw percentage probably didn’t help. The school seems to be really proud that the native of London is fluent in the native Ghana language of “Twi”.

Here are some Twi phrases we can say to him:
“Wo din day sen?” – What is your name?
“Me paa cho, te so.” – Please reduce it. (Perfect for telling him to move closer when he misses long shots during warm-ups.

-So. G #3 Ty Abbott was the winner of the “Best Cutter and Screener Award” at last year’s post season team banquet. I think a Little League trophy for your team’s 1-9 season is the closest equivalent to that award. He shoots the 2nd most 3s on a team that lives and dies by the 3 and his percentage is only 23%.

-So. G #10 Jamelle McMillan
is the son of Supersonic great and Portland Trail Blazers head coach, Nate McMillan. This graduate of O’Dea High School in Seattle actually won a state 3A basketball title in Hec Ed and he’ll be hungry for another win that could propel his team to a Pac-10 title and we don’t want that to happen. His real first name is Nathaniel.

-Jr. G #12 Derek Glasser is… well… just look HERE. Enlarge the picture, print off copies, and bring them to the game.

-Fr. G #23 Nico Fricchione is from Scranton, PA for all of you “The Office” fans out there.

-Jr. G #44 Jarren Shipp is the brother of UCLA guard, Josh Shipp. Ty Abbott says he is the teammate that needs a new haircut. His favorite place is the Pancake House. Oh and HERE is a picture of him in front of a bong with a person of questionable gender. It might be the same party that Michael Phelps was at. Feel free to enlarge and print off this one too.


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